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London’s top vegan chow to warm your winter cockles

Capital city living certainly has its perks: London is huge, with events, groups, clubs, restaurants and happenings for all.

Simply hop on the underground and the world is your oyster – unless, of course, you’re vegan. In which case, oyster is vehemently off the menu.

Not all is lost, however. There’s an endless menu of great vegan chow about town, and with winter on its way what better time to list the best? Appetites at the ready, folks.

1. The Temple of Seitan

Camden calls! Fast vegan food has never tasted so good. The Temple of Seitan serves up some of the best fried chicken in town, and it isn’t even actually chicken. Get your burgers on. Get your fingers greasy. When you’re hungering for a warm meal nothing quite hits the spot like fries and fried ‘meats.’ No animal cruelty required and plenty of happy bellies supplied.  

Even for omnivores, this home of deliciousness is a must-try, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Head on out to the Camden market afterwards or across the river to The Electric Ballroom for a gig. Convenient. Tasty. Easy-peasy.  

2. The Young Vegans Pie Shop   

Nothing says winter like an English savoury pie, and nothing says absolutely scrumptious quite like The Young Vegans Pie Shop. Order meals for one, two or four from their sections of pies, all served with gravy and crispy onions (drink and dessert included) or go Rambo and order single pastries as you like. There’s the Katsu Curry Pie. The Seitan and Ale. The Cheeseburger. Oh, the Cheeseburger. The list goes on.

And the best part? It’s all out for delivery. Light the fire, warm your toesies and just wait for dinner to arrive. And in the meantime? Watch Strictly, we suppose. Indulge, roll free spins without a deposit at Betfair casino across a range of games, watch the horse race on TV. Bets and wagers have always gone well with pies, after all.   

3. Farmacy

Image: Pexels 

Tucked away in Royal Oak, Farmacy is all about that healthy living thing. No dairy. No additives. No sugar. Just plant based ‘earth bowls’ to cleanse your gut and fill your tum. Good for the soul. Good for the planet. Good for your body. Why eat five a day when you could eat fifteen by 3pm?  

4. The Darjeeling Express

Got a hunger on whilst out in trendy Soho? The vegan selection from the Darjeeling Express restaurant is top notch Indian grub that’ll have you satisfied in no time. Mondays are veggie days at the express, with a totally meat-free menu of Calcutta style food on offer.

Shop on Oxford and Regent Street. Catch Wicked or The Lion King in the West End. Fill up at the Darjeeling Express. Who needs London’s M&M World when there’s home-style food from all around the globe on offer?  

5. Dinings SW3  

Speaking of homestyle food from around the world, Dinings SW3 will serve up some of the best vegan Japanese food in existence. Sibling of the original Dinings there’s grilled shiitake, vegan sushi, truffle and Hokusai cabbage without end on their menu, much of it being vegan.

Makes sense, right? After all, much of Japanese foods cultural origins begin with vegan monks. The lifestyle has been around for thousands of years – the food has had time to come into its own, all for you to enjoy in and around the capital.  

Feature image: Pexels

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