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Review: Coors Light pop-up ice bar in Brixton

A pop-up ice bar that some Brixtonians have given a frosty reception is set to fling open its icy doors to thirsty visitors tonight.

The glitzy Coors Light ski lodge and ice bar on Windrush Square just outside the Ritzy aims to give guests, in the words of Jean-Claude Van Damm, a refreshing experience.

So all in the name of research I headed down to to brave the chill and see what it has to offer…

The ski vibes of the lodge stirred up some wonderfully nostalgic uni ski trips memories with the traditional moose head on the wall reminding me painfully of a night better best forgotten.

The drinks system operates on a wristband system which in theory should simplify the payment process but when I tried it out it experienced a couple of hiccups which I was assured were all temporary.

Tech issues aside I finally got my frozen mitts on a Coors Ice Berry Blast cocktail.

DSC_0122 (1)
ICE BERRY BLAST: Not a favourite with our resident cocktail connoisseur

My first experience of the lager-based cocktail was good, yet ultimately unfulfilling.

The slightly overpowering sweetness from the lemonade and raspberry liqueur was well-complimented by the fizz of the Coors, but ultimately it was hard not to escape the feeling that all I was consuming was a glorified shandy.

Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed the flavour but a cocktail it most definitely was not.

After finishing a slightly underwhelming first cocktail we moved over through a door which resembled a bank vault and headed on to the ice bar.

BABY IT’S COLD INSIDE! SWL reporter Ben braves the chill

The room, which accommodates 75 people, glows neon blue and is decked out with a dancefloor, DJ set and some immaculate ice sculptures – as well chiselled as van Damme’s six-pack itself – and is all-in-all a pretty impressive sight.

In a throwback to my student days I made a beeline to the bar for another drink.

After another smartphone-related payment issue I got stuck into a Rockies Punch another lager cocktail this time with added orange, pineapple, and lime juice, grenadine and almond syrup.

It certainly tasted more like a traditional cocktail with the sharpness of the orange and lime but in my view lacked the punch to be considered anything more than ‘nice’.

img1204 Ice Bar high res artists impression
REFRESHING ADDITION TO BRIXTON? The pop-up bar will be open until December 18

Cocktail connoisseurs will be disappointed if they’re looking for anything revolutionary, but people searching for somewhere different to head to at the weekend and the novelty of wearing a giant coat while quaffing drinks may be pleasantly surprised.

With a packed house, the Coors flowing, and the music pumping, it may just work.

The bar will be in Brixton from December 13 – 18.

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