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Restaurant Review: Noci

The monopoly of Italian restaurants can often lead hungry people puzzled over Google Maps, searching for the next best place to go.

Yet if there is one place that needs to be added to your roster, then it’s Noci.

The name translates to ‘walnut’ in Italian and this motif is embedded in its signature dish, the Silk Handkerchiefs.

Encompassing the perfect summer notes of mint and soft crunches of walnut – this pasta dish was fragrant and a delight.

Pair it with their house white or treat yourself to a glass of Gavi and your night will be made up. 

As you enter their Richmond branch, you’re met with a warm, cosy, terracotta space.

The staff are friendly and quick to provide a smiling welcome at the door.

The first thing you must do if on a date, or out for a meal with friends and family, is to engage in their delightful aperitifs.

We chose the Tommy’s Margarita (a zesty, crisp drink with sharp lemon tones), and the Grapefruit and Elderflower Spritz which felt like the perfect summer drink (without any grapefruit bitterness). 

The must-have starter would certainly be the smoky, not spicy in any sense, ‘Nduja arancini & Parmesan foam’ – this felt like a treat or something I wouldn’t disclose to a personal trainer.

Typically, you always anticipate the excitement of the main course, but this dish had me engaged from the get-go.

Taking the first bite to the very last, it was not a dish that disappointed. 

Noci’s food range and diversity were impressive – they catered to everyone on their menu and for a reasonable price.

If it was olives and focaccia, you were after then take the hit.

Yet, I would indulge further and would dare to go back for a second visit just to have a whole Burrata finely dressed up on a plate with drizzles of courgette and mint. 

And, don’t be shy with the pasta.

From brown butter cacio e pepe ziti to a veal and pork Genovese ragu, not forgetting the silk handkerchiefs – honestly, I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find something to delight in. 

If you can spoil yourself a little further, then dismiss the coffee after-dinner myths.

Do it the Italian way and order the Affogato with the double espresso and a cheeky addition of Frangelico.

The secret – order the pistachio ice cream as your base and this will leave you feeling elated at your Noci experience.

Oh and if you’re a huge dessert lover and need that chocolate fix (vegan-too) then be bold and order that chocolate mousse. 

If this restaurant succeeded in one thing, it was preparing me for hot summer nights of overindulgence in the Mediterranean. 

Noci Richmond 15-17 Hill Rise, Richmond TW10 6UQ, Book a table here.

Open Sun-Weds noon-10pm, Thurs-Sat noon-11pm, Sun noon-10pm.

Averages at about £30 a head, plus drinks and service

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