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What’s on the menu at the Streatham Food Festival this week?

This week Streatham is celebrating the diverse food culture of Europe’s longest high street with a festival.

From the 1st to 10th of July, The Streatham Food Festival has over 40 restaurants on the high street offering their dishes for £4-7.

You can expect some great deals (like Oysters and a glass of wine for £7.50 at Fish Tale) and even live cooking demonstrations of restaurants’ signature dishes on instagram: @streathamfood.

There’s a huge variety of restaurant types, echoing Streatham’s communities with a vibrant atmosphere and a feeling of coming together to show off the cuisine of the area.

The festival, on for the fifth year running, is also a chance to get businesses bustling again after lockdown. 

SWL visited four eateries to show you their discounted dishes and hear their stories.

Streatham restaurants show us what’s on the menu at the festival

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