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Must-try meals and drinks for a summer soiree in London

This article explores some of the best food and drink London has to offer.

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So, without much further ado – let’s explore.

Traditional British fare: a taste of authenticity

Fish and chips

If you wish to have a true culinary journey through London it simply can’t be complete without trying the most traditional British dish fish and chips.

Wondering which are the best places in London for this dish? Try The Golden Hind or Poppies Fish & Chips.

Fish and chips are a classic in London that never goes out of style – so don’t miss it.

Sunday roast

Sunday roast at places like The Grazing Goat and The Harwood Arms will make you feel royal.

Don’t miss out on the city’s best roast beef, lamb, or chicken always served with the best Yorkshire pudding, some seasonal vegetables and beautifully crispy roast potatoes.

The fluffy pudding is a great blend with the meat and suits every taste.

Global flavours: international culinary gems

Indian curry

London is no short of Indian cuisine and those who like Indian food should pay a visit to Tayyabs or Dishoom.

There’s everything from spicy vindaloos to fragrant biryanis and you’ll have a feeling like you’re in Delhi or the streets of Mumbai.

Middle Eastern mezze

Are you a fan of mezze platters with falafel, hummus, freshly baked flatbreads, and tabbouleh? London has you covered.

Visit Yalla Yalla or the Arabica Bar & Kitchen if you want a Lebanon journey or a trip through Jordan’s culinary delights. For those who like spices – those are the places to go.

Sweet temptations: decadent desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth

British puddings

Do you have a sweet tooth? If your answer is yes then you must try at least one of the delightful British puddings.

Start with a place like The Ivy and dip your spoon into the tasty sticky toffee pudding or go to the Rules Restaurant where you can enjoy a unique bread and butter pudding. Sounds appealing, right?

Gelato and sorbet

Here’s yet another recommendation for all those sweet tooths out there – London’s gelato.

Be sure to visit the Gelupo or La Gelatiera, and try a scoop of their ice cream or sorbet. They’ve got everything from tangy lemon flavour to pistachio and these flavours are sure to spice up a hot day in London for you.

Sipping in style: refreshing drinks for a summer soiree


You can’t go to London without trying the Pimm’s Cup cocktail, which is a true British “landmark drink” epitomizing the spirit of the season.

Taking a sip of this cocktail at the Ritz and then taking a stroll down the banks of the River Thames can be a perfect day in London for you.

Gin and tonic

Quench your thirst with a crisp and invigorating gin and tonic, a perennial favourite among London’s cocktail connoisseurs.

Explore the city’s thriving gin scene at establishments like The London Gin Club or Graphic Bar, where you can sample an extensive selection of artisanal gins paired with premium tonic water and botanical garnishes.

It’s the perfect pick-me-up for a balmy summer evening.

Craft beer: a toast to London’s brewing renaissance

Craft beer pubs

Beer fans – this section is for you. If you like craft beer London won’t let you down with its local breweries and gastropubs.

Be sure to try a pint of the locally brewed IPA at either the Harp or The Kernel Brewery and enjoy a good talk with fellow beer enthusiasts.

London is a great place for beer lovers, and if you’re one of them – you’ve come to a perfect place.

Cider tasting

If you’re a fan of cider drinks then London is the place to go.

The Cider Tap and The Stable are both places where you can choose from an incredible selection of artisanal ciders coming from the UK directly.

If you like crisp and dry – they got you covered. If you like sweet and fruity – they got you covered too.

So there’s something to suit every palate, for those who wish to try an alternative to cocktails and beer.

Fusion cuisine: a fusion feast for the senses

London is said to have a “Fusion Cuisine” and that’s because you can find everything from Japanese-themed gastropubs like Shackfuyu to Chotto Matte which is a Peruvian-Asian fusion.

There are no boundaries here as London’s dining scene is like a kaleidoscope of food influenced by different cultures.

In other words, it’s where the East meets the West, and tradition is mixed with innovation making London look like a cultural food mosaic.

Hidden gems: uncovering London’s culinary treasures

If you’re interested in exploring hidden culinary gems that London has to offer, you should explore some corners in the city off the beaten track.

There are numerous beautiful bistros that are a family business serving some authentic Italian specialties, but there are also a great number of places where you can try exotic dishes from other countries in the world.

If you’re all about cultural diversity, be sure to visit Borough Market as well as Exmouth Market.

Those are places where you can try artisanal cheeses and pastries that are freshly baked or take a bite of some gourmet treats from local vendors.

These hidden gems sure make the London culinary scene quite dynamic.

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