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We left feeling well and truly stuffed – SWL reviews PizzaStorm’s 180-second meals

‘Your Pizza Fast’ – Wandsworth’s newest restaurant PizzaStorm certainly does what it says on the tin.

Custom-made pizzas are cooked in three minutes with a delicious result that has none of the feel of greasy fast food.

PizzaStorm is all about ‘firing up the imagination’ and with such a wide choice, you won’t know where to start.

By 7:30pm, the queue for the Subway-style pizza counter was nearly at the door, so we quickly joined, our mouths literally watering at the smell of stone-baked pizza engulfing the room.

With high ceilings and an American-diner-meets-rustic-chic vibe, the setting was more upmarket than your usual fast food hangout.

The huge wood-fired oven was a focal point, accompanied by a mix of dining table-style chairs downstairs and cosier wooden booths upstairs.

With an unlimited choice of toppings adding up to a whopping one million different options, this is not the place for indecisive diners.

And, amazingly, it all costs the same price, regardless of whether you choose as much meat as you can muster on your pizza or a simple cheese and tomato.

Customers can choose from ‘create your own’ or a ‘Hall of Flames’ pizza, which includes ready-chosen toppings, such as the ‘The Mexicana’ and ‘Al’otta Greens’.

After much umming and aahing (the ‘Blazin Tornado’ looked very tempting) we both went for ‘create your own’ pizzas.

I went for a spicy tomato base with mozzarella shavings and parmesan, while my dining partner chose cheddar, but ricotta, gorgonzola and fresh mozzarella were also available.

I decided to go for the simple option of pepperoni, BBQ pulled pork, mushrooms, jalapenos, slow roasted tomatoes, topped off with baby spinach (to make it a bit more healthy, obviously).

‘Our pizza with your personality’ is the restaurant’s slogan – this certainly rang true as my fellow diner chose every single type of meat possible – including salami, bacon, ham, peri peri chicken, spicy beef and sausage to name but a few, along with mushrooms, chillies, and jalapenos.

After a dash of pepper and oregano, they popped our pizzas in the huge 900 degree oven – and we barely had time to fill up our bottomless drinks before they were fresh, hot and ready to gorge on.

With a dash of rocket and basil pesto on one to finish it off, and balsamic syrup and rocquito sauce on the other, we were ready to devour our cheesy feast.

We also grabbed some guacamole and freshly-made garlic bread – because we didn’t have quite enough food with a whole pizza each…

A tip for future pizza-goers: everything shrinks a lot the oven – so pile the toppings on as high as they go.

The pizzas really were absolutely delicious – from our first bite of warm cheesy pizza crust to the end, both our combinations were so flavoursome – and so more-ish that neither of us failed to finish a single piece.

We had never had guacamole with pizza before, but it was a welcome change and accompanied the pizza perfectly, and it was clear the ingredients were very fresh.

The service was friendly and efficient, with tables being cleared quickly.

Unfortunately the garlic bread was certainly nothing to shout home about – we actually think they might have forgotten the garlic.

It was cooked well but consisted only of bread, cheese and oregano without a hint of garlic – so this was the one downside to our meal.

I’m not quite sure how, but we had room for more, and so went for the only dessert option on the menu – bottomless vanilla ice cream.

It was creamy, delicious and with our choice of toppings of mint chocolate chip nibs, caramel sauce and Oreo chunks, it was the perfect end to our meal.

We left feeling well and truly stuffed – and would certainly not hesitate to go again.

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