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Lebanese cuisine comes served in charming and vibrant form at Comptoir Libanais

The decor at Comptoir Libanais in Gloucester Road will immediately raise your mood after a long day at work and to our pleasure, the food followed suit.

We started our meal with the Mezze Platter. First things first, the portions are extremely generous and we comfortably shared the one person portion between two to satisfaction.

The baba ghanuj tickled the tongue as the stand out in the platter which was creamy with a lovely aubergine taste coming through.

The tabbouleh, a mixture of herbs spices and pomegranate was powerful, crisp and light which rounded off an excellent start to the meal.

Our starter was perfectly complimented by homemade lemonade that Beyonce would be happy to sing about.

The traditional lemonade hit the spot with an ideal amount of tang and if you enjoy the sweeter things in life be sure to order the Romana version.

Being in a Lebanese restaurant we decided it was time to get meaty, cue the mixed grill and lamb and prune tagine.

We were advised by the friendly manager Matthias that the lamb and prune tagine was an acquired taste and he was right.

The tagine was fairly bland and did not excite the taste buds especially having been to Morroco with high expectations of tagine.

However, the mixed grill made up for our mistake and offered an excellent array of lamb and chicken kofta with chicken shish.

The meat was well cooked, nicely seasoned and paired with delicious harisma sauce which was strong but manageable.

Along with the platter, we were treated to scrumptios Jawaneh chicken wings served with harrissa and garlic sauce.

It does not take much to sell a chicken wing to me but these were some serious wings.

The chicken was perfectly cooked with a crispy skin and I’m not sure we will ever be the same after trying those sauces.

The lamb kibbeh was also a tasty combo of lamb, pine nuts and onion. It was soft with a crunch and a delight.

Somehow, with the help of a pot of rose mint tea to settle the stomach, it was time for dessert.

The decision was made to go with a mixture of traditional and naughty.

It was to be the chocolate and tahini brownie and the Mouhalabia.

The mouhalabia was tasty but probably an acquired taste and the brownie was way too much of a distraction to give it our full attention.

Talking of the brownie. It will be difficult to do it justice.

The use of tahini, a traditional middle eastern sauce that rivals its western equivalent of peanut butter, was a treat. It was perfectly exemplified in this desert.

The chocolate sauce combined with vanilla ice cream all combined into a fantastic combination to end a great meal.

Overall, Comptoir Libanais was a charming, vibrant restaurant with delicious dinners at good prices.

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunchtime bite or a relaxing evening meal, it’s certainly a must-go location.

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