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The UK’s Top 5 CBD Gummies for 2020

CBD gummies are fast becoming the preferred choice of ingesting CBD among many UK CBD consumers. 

The nascent UK CBD industry itself has undergone much growth that reflects the general public’s choice of CBD product type. And, while CBD laws have largely relaxed regulations, certain grey areas give pause and require additional precaution from consumers.

Consumers are looking for CBD options that are: discreet, easy to dose, and lacking the gag-inducing taste of raw hemp. CBD edibles and CBD gummies, in particular, are ideal for users who want a bit of flavour with their daily health supplement.

What you’ll learn:

This short guide will show you the top 5 CBD gummies in the UK and how to get them hassle-free. Also, you get valuable intel on which products are best for your specific therapeutic needs. And, you’ll answer your most pressing questions on what benefits CBD gummies have to offer you.

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are tasty edibles like sweets, candy, and gummy bears with CBD as the main active ingredient.

CBD is a cannabinoid that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant, with hemp varieties having more of the compound. CBD is extracted from biomass alongside a host of over 100 other cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and the unmistakable taste of raw cannabis.

CBD gummies are the result of pairing the health benefits of CBD with a flavour-filled medium for ingesting and dosing your CBD. It’s certainly a more fun alternative to CBD oil and less conspicuous than other modes of taking your CBD.  

Top 5 CBD Gummies

Within the past year, the numbers of CBD consumers in the United Kingdom has skyrocketed massively. According to the CMC report, 11% of residents have tried CBD, and 7% favour its ability to help alleviate a variety of problematic symptoms.

Using CBD to effectively manage your symptoms relies on factors like precision dosing, bioavailability, and synergistic interactions within your body. The five CBD gummies we will review are proven and trusted as the top choice for those looking to buy CBD gummies in the UK. 

  1. ZenBears

    First on the list is ZenBears, voted one of the UK’s best-rated CBD gummies by various publications including Island Echo, Love Belfast and Warrington Worldwide . These gummy bears are delicious chewable treats that deliver a potent dose of CBD in a form that’s convenient for popping the go.

    ZenBears are made from hemp grown using organic farming practises, they are 100%  vegan-friendly and each bear is pharmaceutically coated with precisely 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD. When you pick up a bottle, you can easily check for its third-party lab test results that help confirm the CBD purity and overall product quality.

Standout Features:

  • Organic and vegan-friendly ingredients make zenbears safe to consume.
  • CO2 extraction guarantees the highest quality of CBD extracts.
  • Gummies contain exactly 20mg of CBD (with zero THC) and are tested by third-party labs.
  • Pharmaceutical CBD coating offers higher bioavailability while chewing.
  1. cbdMD
    If you want more variety with your CBD gummies flavour, cbdMD offers four different tasty options for every user. Made with broad-spectrum hemp extracts, cbdMD CBD gummies carry a special blend of isolate CBD, cannabinoids, terpenes, and organic sweeteners.

    When you buy cbdMD gummies, you can opt for ones with vitamin C, or without. You also get a tasty array of strawberry, tropical, orange, and raspberry flavours that make these CBD gummies a delight. Users with high daily CBD requirements can take advantage of the different concentrations (10mg, 25mg, and 50mg) on offer.

    Higher serving doses are ideal when taking CBD gummies for pain relief, workout recovery, and tissue regeneration from minor strains and injuries.

    cbdMD CBD gummies are available in the UK at CBD Shopy, check out their wide range of CBD gummies for sale, from various of the world’s leading CBD brands.

    Standout Features:
  • Each 30-count bottle contains broad spectrum extract from non-GMO hemp sources that guarantee the highest quality of CBD.
  • Gummies are infused with CBD for precision dosing.
  • Different serving concentrations for light, medium, and heavy CBD users — from 10mg – 50mg per gummy serving.
  • The broad-spectrum cannabinoid blend with the addition of vitamin C helps boost its pain relief properties. 
  • COA and third-party test results can be viewed on the website.

  1. Purelife
    PureLife CBD gummy bears contain 94% CBD of distillate infused into our favourite bear-shaped gelatine sweets. PureLife CBD gummies offer two serving sizes for light and medium-heavy users at 10mg and 25mg respectively, per serving.

    Many customers give glowing reviews that show PureLife CBD gummies are great for managing anxiety and pain relief.

    Standout Features:
  • Organic components with supercritical CO2 extraction for the most potent CBD extracts.
  • Different CBD concentration options to suit every type of user.
  • COA test results for quality control.
  • Reports show it’s a great choice for lowering anxiety and relieving sore areas in the body.
  1. CBDistillery
    Sleep is an important yet elusive component of human living. The need for adequate and restful sleep has led consumers to opt for CBD, with its calming properties that promote the natural circadian cycle.

    CBDistillery CBD gummies deliver a potent blend of (0% THC) broad-spectrum CBD with natural flavours of tropical fruit and mixed berry. Each CBD gummy contains 30mg of CBD that helps calm the system and induce a restful state that encourages good sleep.

    CBDistillery also offers CBD gummies specially formulated for sleep. The secret ingredient is 2mg of melatonin, which is just enough to help you fall asleep naturally and wake up feeling refreshed.

    Standout Features:
  • Broad-spectrum CBD is extracted from organic, non-GMO hemp sources.
  • Serving size per gummy is 30mg of CBD, which is enough for most CBD consumers.
  • Contains melatonin as an active ingredient for getting rejuvenating sleep.
  • Third-party labs test products for quality.
  1. NotPot
    NotPot CBD gummies are sure to appeal to CBD connoisseurs who appreciate lots of flavour varieties in their gummies. Natural ingredients in NotPot gummies like organic sunflower oil, evaporated cane juice, organic tapioca syrup, and a host of others make it an ideal choice for vegan consumers.

    These are gummies with serious therapeutic value, as each serving offers 10mg of CBD alongside 100mg of L-theanine. L-theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid in green tea, that promotes calmness, general relaxation, and improves sleep. NotPot CBD gummies for anxiety and sleep do not contain any THC and will not get you high.

Standout Features:

  • Organic and vegan-friendly ingredients with no shady additions.
  • Contains L-theanine to help with healthy sleep habits.
  • All CBD gummy batches are lab-tested for maximum quality.


While CBD gummies can easily pass for regular candy, the active CBD in them makes for a healthy treat that can serve as your daily supplement. CBD gummies are discreet, portable, and contain precise doses of CBD for consumers that need the health benefits of CBD.

Taking CBD for pain relief is now easier with compact-sized gummies infused with high concentrations of CBD per gummy. Also, using CBD gummies for anxiety and stress relief is a breeze with low-concentration CBD gummies.

Whether you’re a light, medium, or heavy user, there’s a product to cater for your specific CBD needs. If you’re looking to treat yourself to the best CBD gummies products in the UK, our review has just what you need. All CBD gummies on the list can be ordered online with total discreteness, and the assurance of only the best quality CBD.

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