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FENN restaurant in Fulham wins back regulars with seasonal menus

A refreshed restaurant in Fulham has reintroduced themselves to the community with selective seasonal menus.

At a time when the hospitality industry was dying during lockdown, a handful of restaurants took the opportunity to evolve.

A few found their feet and the newly reimagined FENN on Wandsworth Bridge Road fought to flourish.

With a new identity, dining room and team at the helm, they embarked on a strategic reopening.

Originally planned to open in late 2020, but due to covid restrictions they were forced to wait until April 2021, opening with just four outside tables.

General manager Harry Cooper said: “We have been very grateful to see old regulars return with such positive feedback.

“The location has given us an abundance of amazing local residents keen to get a table at the earliest convenience.

“We have even seen people coming across London and surrounding counties to visit us.”

FULHAM BLUES: FENN restaurant is finally open for bookings indoors. CREDIT: FENN restaurant

The new team is no stranger to success, their last restaurant, Nest in Hackney, has received countless glittering reviews from the industry.

In their east London branch they are infamous for their set menus, cooking with world-class produce and working with one select meat at a time.

This allowed the restaurant to work with small-scale farmers, occasionally using rare breeds of meat giving a unique and distinct difference in taste to their dishes.

FENN follows a similar format with wider menu options that focuses on smaller plates and options for casual diners.

The new restaurant works with quality producers who carefully farm, fish and rear their produce to ensure it reaches them in its best possible condition. 

Head chef Joe Laker said: “I gain inspiration from many aspects of my life, places I’ve eaten, places I’ve been and people I’ve met.

“We source fruit and veg from Shrub who champion bio dynamical farms.

“Currently we are using British rose veal from Alternative Meats and fish from Flying Fish in Cornwall.”

FOOD FOCUS: FENN proudly prioritise produce. CREDIT: FENN restaurant

The name FENN is inspired by the ancient history of Fulham, where it was originally marshland and was reclaimed to provide space for a fort, then farming & subsequently housing.

The team is striving to celebrate the origins of the area and bring a new flavour of fine dining to Fulham.

In their ever-changing menu, the current highlights include hand dived Scottish scallop, Lincolnshire poacher dumplings and slow cooked duck egg with wild mushrooms.

Cooper noted: “Seasonal, British, Modern I would describe our food in that order.

“The quality of fish from our supplier Flying Fish has never disappointed, we see people ordering portions of our fried chicken dish for dessert and even as an extra course on the tasting menu!

“Our set menu is what we always recommend to diners, it is the restaurant’s personality over a series of seasonal plates.”

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