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Feeling hangry? Fulham’s Hanger SW6 Steak and Liquor Bar is the place to go — SWL reviews

Hanger (noun):

  1. (in combination) a person who hangs something
  2. A wood on the side of a steep hill
  3. The prime cut of meat that the butcher reserves for their own use
  4. The combined feeling of hunger and anger which makes people unbearable and destroys relationships
  5. Fulham’s fanciest new steak restaurant
‘Fancy’ doesn’t really fit. The decor channels a factory or even a…hangar, except it’s more comfortable, elegant and infinitely cleaner than your average warehouse.

In an area heavy with grill restaurants, the light and breezy aesthetic and comprehensive variety of cocktails and wines on offer means Hanger SW6 brings something different to the able.

Owner Patrick Falla said: “I wanted to create a place that makes steak more accessible and affordable in the local area.”

With 10 years experience in hospitality, this is the first restaurant Patrick has opened and he is happy to pitch in wherever he is needed.

He added: “The night before I was pot washing, but tonight I am in the kitchen.

“I wrote the menu, but I’m not trained. It’s the chefs that translate those ideas from paper to plate.”

And what fantastic ideas they are.

Hnager 3RETRO: The restaurant is well laid out

The gentle and fragrant scallop ceviche is a beautiful starter — for those who haven’t worked up a raging hanger— but the moreish beef croquettes steal the show.

The restaurant encourages you to get a few bits to share but you’d be forgiven for not wanting to share these addictive morsels.

The steaks are (as you would hope) succulent, lightly seasoned and cooked to medium-rare perfection (although they will accommodate to your tastes).

Meat is offered as either large or small, an encouraging step away from the strange challenge presented when you are informed how much your meal will weigh, which is bizarrely unique to beef.

There is the smallest amount of juice that drips onto the plate, a sign of good cooking.

The watercress gives a peppery edge to a dish that’s flavour is sealed in around the edges.

Hanger’s signature sauce has the deep sweetness of red peppers and the mushroom ketchup adds a rich earthiness.

Both are moreish and compliment the generous portions of fresh ingredients rather than smothering them.

The chips are light and fluffy, but the star side-dish is the charred market vegetables.

The bursting green colour disguises the subtle smoky taste and crisp crunchy texture topped off with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Hanger 1VEG-TASTIC: The greens really stole the show

For desert, the sundae mess is an artfully presented mixture of ice cream, meringue and berries in a cocktail glass.

The lemon pie ice-cream adds a tart contrast to the gooey, sweet pudding.

Although the presentation is elegant, I was unsure of how to tackle it for fear of creating a real mess.

As with the other dishes there is a lot of food so it may be best to share if our hanger has waned.

Hanger 2N-ICE: A cool end to the meal

At the bar they serve a negroni to knock our socks off as one of a selection of cocktails to suit all tastes.

Coming to the drinks menu for the September launch of the basement bar is the ‘Royal Lady’ – a creation bar manager Ashley comprised of vodka, prosecco, home-made rhubarb syrup and a twist of lemon.

The basement is a sophisticated cocktail bar, offering a mature alternative for a soiree come those lengthy winter nights.

If you want good food in a friendly and relaxed setting then I urge you to seek enjoy what Hanger SW6 has to offer.

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