REVIEW: Komnata Escape Rooms, The Impossible Murder Mystery

Racing around in the dark, sticking entrails into a blender was a memorable way to spend my Saturday night. 

When my boyfriend and I arrived at Komata Escape Rooms in London, we were a little worried we’d been scammed since it looked like a garage from the outside. There wasn’t even a handle on the door.

But after ringing the bell, we were warmly welcomed in by one of the guides.

He told us a maths professor had been locked in solitary confinement for killing seven people. But since he’d been imprisoned there’d been two more murders matching his MO. 

It was left to us to enter the lair of this psycho killer, solve the mystery of who’d been committing the murders, and work out who the next victim was.

I’d never been in such an exciting and dynamic escape room. Rather than just escape from one room we had to get out of four. We started in the cosy confines of a bedroom before being lured into the execution chamber.

The puzzles were just the right side of challenging without being impossible. Some were more physical tasks while others were required more brain work.

The storyline kept us entertained, with its twists and turns along the way. 

But there were also genuinely terrifying moments that made me yelp. They nailed the gory details of the bloodied butcher’s hook swinging from the ceiling, the electric chair, not to mention the severed fingers. 

In the end we managed to solve the mystery with seven and a half minutes to spare – and more importantly escape with our lives.

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