Mind-blowing Chelsea art exhibition reveals immensity of the universe

Contemporary art fans are invited to explore the immensity of the universe at a Chelsea gallery.

Lauren Baker combines neon art with an infinity mirror to represent cycles of life, death and the afterlife in her ‘Electric’ solo exhibition at Box Galleries.

The multidisciplinary artist from Middlesbrough intends to portray the true vastness of the universe.

Ms Baker, who is in her 30s and lives and works in London, said: “The new Explosion artworks explore the big bang and the intriguing beauty born from destruction and chaos.”

To achieve this, Ms Baker took this concept to the extreme and physically exploded books and canvas using pyrotechnics.

She said: “Through this collection, I invite viewers to imagine the complexity and endless possibilities of the universe.”

She said her work explored the fragility of life, energy fields, the afterlife and other dimensions.

She uses neon light to express universal energies and life mantras and aims to ‘raise the vibration of love and connection within the world’.

The exhibition includes revered favourite pieces such as I Love You To The Moon And Back and You Blow My Mind and is open until Thursday November 29.

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