Casinos appear to be making a cinematic comeback in a big way

It wasn’t long ago that casinos provided some climactic excitement in movies regularly, with the likes of Casino, Goodfellas, Rain Man, The Hangover, Ocean’s Eleven, and Casino Royale all featuring a crucial casino scene or having the casino as central to the plot.

However, as 2010 hit, the casino seemed to disappear from the big cinematic releases.

A few years went by without so much as a sniff of casino suspense.

But, all of a sudden, casinos have made a huge comeback into some of the major releases of the last few years.

Somewhat surprisingly, it’s Disney’s movies that appear to be pulling the casino scene back into cinemas.

Disney franchises stacking chips

Source: The Verge, via Twitter

In case you didn’t know, the media titan Disney owns Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm, meaning they run the biggest titles in modern cinema.

From the rebooted Star Wars saga to the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe, it all comes through Disney.

At the end of 2017, Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit cinemas to incredibly mixed reviews.

Critics raved about Rian Johnson’s rendition of Star Wars along the main storyline, while the majority of fans despised the film.

It was a very polarising time for the franchise and likely led to many fans sitting out the following Solo movie.

A few months later, however, Disney struck gold in the form of Marvel’s Black Panther.

The superhero out of Wakanda with its African theme lit up cinemas and brought in many new fans to the Marvel franchise.

Despite how different both movies were received by fans as well as their very different universes, they both featured casino scenes that were crucial to character development and the plot.

This comes as a surprise as Disney tends to wish to stay as far away from anything that may be considered a ‘bad image’.

For example, when Disney took over Marvel, they put an end to the wildly popular online progressive jackpot Marvel slot game suite as they didn’t want to brand associated with gambling.

Providing suspense and then ecstasy

Source: TyreeBP, via Twitter

Movie-based games at online casinos have long been among the most-played games.

Players at online casinos UK often use their bonuses to play movie-themed games such as Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Highlander, Basic Instinct and Paranormal Activity because of their familiarity.

While playing online casino games, players feel suspense and sometimes ecstasy, and that excitement is enhanced when the play is done alongside some of their favourite movie characters.

This is similar to what the two new famous casino scenes provide for the fans. Both the scene in Canto Bight and Busan, Korea Republic slowly build into a huge action-packed scene.

While The Last Jedi scene was ridiculed as being a side-quest for two characters that were no-longer important that ended in ridiculousness, the Black Panther scene was able to further build T’Challa as a suave, James Bond-like character, before exploding into a thrilling firefight.

Casinos provide patrons with excitement as they battle the games to win big at the tables.

Casino scenes in movies are starting to utilise the aura of casino play instead of merely using it as a setting.

Now, the scene will mirror the build of a game, with pieces set in play, before revealing disappointment or ecstasy in a thrilling climax. With Disney leading the way, many other major movies will likely follow in returning casinos to the fore.

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