‘A unique experience in its own right’ — Little Blue Door on Fulham Road

Following the success of The Little Yellow Door pop-up in Notting Hill, The Little Blue Door on Fulham Road finally provides a permanent venue for excellent food and drinks in a venue that offers all the welcoming character, unpretentious feel and unexpected elements of a house party.

The organisers of the event, self-described ‘flatmates’ Kam Dehdashi, 36, and Jamie Hazeel, 29, want to change the way young people experience a night out.

On their inspiration behind the concept, Jamie said: “We felt that there was a lot of commercialisation and a lot of things were happening in places that were actually quite alienating to people.

“We thought if we could invite everyone to our home, that would be the biggest breath of fresh air in the world.

“We wanted to create a place where people wouldn’t feel out of kilter, where they would feel like that are part of something – Part of a family, part of a neighbourhood vibe, part of a community.”

Going to the The Little Blue door had both the comforting familiarity of going to a party at someone’s house with a unique experience in its own right.

The eponymous blue door leads to a foyer area, complete with discarded boots, a corner where the sadly absent-for-the-night house dog sleeps and, in keeping with its welcoming tone, a cupboard where all the regulars have mugs with their nickname printed on them.

Once inside, going left leads to the kitchen area, where the food is prepared and that hosts both supper clubs as well as a second bar.

The living room, on the right, is a large welcoming space full of quirky knick knacks and entertaining surprises, like sharer cocktails served in a flower vase or a replica of the board game from the film Jumanji, tiny plastic animals included.

The front is a bright conservatory area with glass doors which were open on a pleasant May evening, while the back is dark and cosy, with corners providing entertainment like board games or vintage video game consoles.

There is a study at the back which is a available for private parties, boasting among other things a dining table that can be easily converted into a pool table.

The food in that particular Thursday evening came in the form of canape trays, each more tempting than the last, with the jerk spice chicken skewers and the avocado, sugar snap and cashew salad being particular standouts.

Cocktail lovers are truly spoilt for choice at the bar, with every drink prepared with skill and attention, while the friendly bar staff go out of their way to make every guest feel welcomed and looked after.

The presentation was also excellent: the gin-based Kill Bill cocktail comes served in a delicate teacup and biscuit on the side, while their take on the espresso martini, Coffee & Cigarettes comes with an actual cigarette.

The clientele was true mixture of people, and the vibe seemed a lot more relaxed and friendly than most night out in London.

That seems to be something integral to the philosophy of the night.

Kam added: “I think you create a vibe like you do at someone’s house where you’re not forced to act a certain way, you can take it in whatever direction you want.

“If you want to dance on the tables, you dance on the tables, if you want to play a board game in the corner, you play a board game.

“We let you have your own party.”

The Little Blue Door more than delivers on its promise for a great night out, and with original The Little Yellow Door reopening in September in a venue to be determined and plans to expand beyond south west London, there will be ample opportunity for more people to experience it.

What: Little Blue Door
871-873 Fulham Road, London, SW6 5HP
When: Wednesday – Friday: 6pm – Late, Saturday: 11am – Late, Sunday: 12pm – 5pm
How: Short walk from Parsons Green tube station

Image taken from @thelittlebluedoorfulham on Instagram, with thanks

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