The Cast of 2:22 A Ghost Story. From left to right, George Rainsford, Fiona Wade, Vera Chok, Jay McGuiness.

2:22 A Ghost Story sure to spook at Richmond Theatre

2:22 A Ghost Story is coming to Richmond Theatre from the 26 to 30 March.

Starring George Rainsford (Casualty) as Sam, Fiona Wade (Emmerdale) as Jenny, Jay McGuiness (The Wanted) as Ben, and Vera Chok (Hollyoaks) as Lauren.

This supernatural thriller promises to have its audience on the edge of their seats.

When asked if she believed in ghosts like her character, Wade said: “I 100% believe. I think the interesting thing is even if you’re someone that doesn’t believe in it like George, you still love a conversation. 

“Actually, a lot of people want to be proved wrong or right, or find out what happened.”

George Rainsford attributes the success of this play to the brilliant writing as well as our need to solve the unknown and our fascination with thrillers and being spooked.

The cast is the seventh group to play these roles in the UK, it had a hugely successful run on the West End and is now on tour.

Some of their predecessors include; Cheryl, Tom Felton, Stephanie Beatriz, James Buckley, Lily Allen, and Giovanna Fletcher.

The spooks aren’t just coming from on stage, according to Fiona Wade, George is the biggest prankster on set claiming she falls for it every time and screams the place down.

George Rainsford has previously performed at the Richmond Theatre alongside fellow 2:22 A Ghost Story allum Giovanna Fletcher in Wish You Were Dead.

He remembered her having such an amazing time that he knew he’d enjoy himself taking on this role.

When recalling his fondness for the venue Rainsford said: “I love the theatre at Richmond there isn’t a bad seat in it, you don’t feel like you have to pitch it too high as an actor, it’s so audible. 

“I’m really looking forward to it.”

George and Fiona both enjoyed many years on long-standing soap operas.

When talking about how this cast compares to soaps, Rainsford said: “It’s so different, you sort of jump on a moving train in soaps and you make your friends as you go along and then some of those friends might leave and new ones arrive. 

“But on this, what’s been really nice is starting the job at the same time, we’re all like newbies on the first day of school and we’ll all finish it at the same time.”

Wade said: “I feel like we created something that although it’s been done many times in different ways this will always be our version that we did together.

“It’s really special and completely different.”

2:22 A Ghost Story picked up three WhatsOnStage Awards when it debuted including Best New Play and was nominated for three Laurence Olivier Awards.

Catch 2:22 A Ghost Story at the Richmond Theatre from the 26-30 March.

Featured image credit: Daniella Harrison ATG PR

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