‘We need nostalgia to keep going’ – Stockwell-born artist showcases teddy bear prints

By Emily Coady-Stemp
February 25 2020, 10.25

A Stockwell-born artist who counts footballer Peter Crouch as an early supporter is holding his first solo show with a focus on childhood nostalgia.

Rhys Brown, who now lives in Croydon, is a new face on the British art scene who quit his job to become a full-time artist in October.

His show, Slumber, at London’s Waluso Gallery is a series of teddy bear prints which conjures up warmth and our love of the past.

Rhys said: “Capturing that feeling of childhood within my work feels so important to me from which I have noticed people wanting to name the painting after that special plush toy they had growing up.

“That inner child is still in all us us even if we like it or not.

“Nostalgia is what we need in our modern lives to keep going and holding onto the warmth and love of our past.”

The Waluso Gallery opened in April 2019 to give artists a transparent platform to sell their work from. Since opening it has hosted six shows.

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