Review: MAFS Season 6, Episode 41, lies unfold 

The concept of Married at First Sight Australia has many of us baffled.

Marrying someone who you just met at the altar sounds ridiculous but it has millions of us hooked. 

After sitting on the edge of my seat all season anticipating the moment that the other couples see what truly has gone on behind the scenes, it’s finally here after 41 episodes – Lies Unfold.  

Heidi thankfully gets away from self-centred Mike, after a whole season of arguing and him belittling her and the lovebirds Cameron and Jules continue their beautiful relationship on the outside. 

But here’s the juicy stuff, Elizabeth hears Sam’s disgusting comments about her body at her wedding and finds out about his secret affair with Ines. Unfortunately, the fear of the truth meant Sam didn’t come to the ceremony but I think it was for the best. 

You would think that situation couldn’t be topped but I was so wrong. 

Jessika returns to the sofa without her original partner, Mik, but with Tamara’s husband, Dan. Weirdly the couple hadn’t seen each other in six weeks despite saying they loved each other, but it must’ve all been for show. 

Dan was shown a video of Jessika trying to pursue Nic at a dinner party and she completely denies it despite the proof.

Personally, I have found Jessika the worst contestant to date, she has taken no accountability, has no compassion and is just purely selfish begging for her moment of fame, which has gone completely wrong. 

She misunderstood the whole point of the show and instead threw everyone else under the bus just for her self gain.

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