COMMENT: Made in Chelsea Season 23

Made in Chelsea returns with Season 23. As the previous season ended with a barrel load of drama this one’s no different, with the posh cast bringing in their classy chaos to our screens.

Maeva is back with more demands as she puts pressure on James to put a ring on it sharpish, after Habbs shares news of her big romantic engagement with Jamie.

Meanwhile, Reza and Ruby reunite. Though Ruby vowed she was done, it’s like they never broke up, as the pair attempt to give their relationship another go.

There’s heartbreak ahead as a distressed Emily receives a picture of Harvey with his arm around another girl on a boys night out.

Despite Harvey pleading with Emily to believe nothing’s happened, Emily’s determined to find out what really happened that night – and nothing will get in her way.

But as Emily looks for answers, it’s Ruby who discovers the truth and now faced with the difficult decision of what to do with the information.

Meanwhile after an emotional speech, Sam Prince asks Inga to be his girlfriend.

Maeva’s pressure to propose takes a toll on James, who shares with Harvey it’s pushing him away, whilst reminiscing about single life. Elsewhere an impatient Maeva entertains the idea of proposing to James instead.

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