Discovering London’s best luxury casinos 

When people consider the best luxury gambling capitals of the world, the cities that come to mind for incredible casinos are Macau, Singapore, Las Vegas, and Monaco.

London is often overlooked, despite having some of the best luxury casinos in the world.

Current trends in the gambling industry have been moving towards online casinos, causing some land-based brands to either struggle to compete or to branch out into the digital realm. The major selling points of online casinos are the convenience and accessibility they offer. 

There are also numerous online options where casino players can win real money prizes from the comfort of their own homes. Yet while playing at real money casinos can be exciting, nothing beats the thrill of playing in real-life at a luxury casino. The games may be the same, but the experience is completely different. 

If you have an interest in playing at one of London’s luxury casinos, we have compiled a list of the best options in the city.

Keep in mind that the majority of these casinos are for members only, though some do offer free membership. 

Crown London Aspinalls 

Crown London Aspinalls, often referred to as Aspinall’s, after its founder, is located in the heart of Mayfair. John Aspinall had previously opened the Clermont Club in the 1960s and the Crown London continues that tradition of mid-century elegance with a twist of personality.  

For those who enjoy a social gambling experience, the Crown London main gaming floor encourages camaraderie and conversation.

If you are interested in a more exclusive experience, there are also six private gaming salons.

The Venetian-inspired decor in the Jade Room is particularly striking.  

Maxims Casino 

Maxims Casino in South Kensington is perhaps the most exclusive casino on our list.

Located across the road from Kensington gardens, it is best known for its high stakes gaming rooms, which have a history of attracting the rich and famous from around the world.  

Maxims Casino has managed to retain a level of charm that has been lost at most modern casinos.

They have done this by only offering table games.

This encourages a calmer, more composed atmosphere. It allows players to feel as if they have stepped back in time. 

Les Ambassadeurs 

Even at first glance, it is obvious that Les Ambassadeurs stands above the competition in terms of sheer opulence and glamour.

The Georgian manor that houses the casino is steeped in aristocratic heritage and has been painstakingly preserved to present an environment that is a pure example of a particularly British standard of grandeur. 

Roulette, poker, and baccarat are favourites at Les Ambassadeurs. Alongside an impressive range of table games spread across several salons, a penthouse and terrace, members of Les Ambassadeurs are also granted access to the library, the smoking garden and the fine dining restaurant presided over by Senior Executive Chef Yanshuang Feng.

The Marble Room has the unique perk of a private dining table where players can be served while continuing to place their bets.  

Metropolitan Mayfair  

Metropolitan Mayfair is London’s newest luxury casino, and it has fully embraced a modern, chic aesthetic that breathes fresh air into an industry where luxury sometimes seems to have been confused with fussiness.

Membership is free.

Some of the art in the lounge bar may be too bold for some sensibilities but the vibe is truly modern luxury.  

Metropolitan Mayfair has a main gaming floor as well as private rooms, with high stakes games offered in both.

One of the most unique elements of this casino is the gaming terrace.

This fully heated terrace has all of the gaming facilities in a relaxing, outdoor location.

The restaurant at the casino is open until 1am, so even if players lose track of time at the tables, they still have access to an international menu prepared by top chefs.

With all these options available, the Metropolitan is probably the best casino on this list if you are looking for pure entertainment in Mayfair

Colony Club 

The Colony Club is situated on Hertford Street in Mayfair and is a members-only casino.

There is always some danger that attempts at colonial-inspired decor will come to close to being kitsch — there is, however, no risk of that at the Colony Club.

The neutral colour palette lets the decadence of the natural materials shine.

The white marble, rich mahogany, supple leather, and brass touches create a truly luxurious environment. 

The Colony Club is largely known for its table games, both on the main gaming floor and in the Salle Privée.

It has recently introduced eight e-tables that allow players who enjoy table games but would prefer a more personal experience to enjoy their favourites without having to compromise.

The casino also offers slot machines, including some with progressive jackpots. 

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