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Magic brings new online entertainment to south Londoners

The magic of the digital landscape has never been more entertaining as the range of websites and services available can satisfy various tastes.

Thanks to innovative minds, users in London and all over the UK can play and dance with their friends online or just spend quality time alone. But now a far more special type of virtual event exists: magic shows. Here’s an introduction to a popular showman, Darren Delaney, and how he enriches the already fascinating and diverse online scene.

MAGIC: Fresh tricks can now be provided over the internet

The internet’s magic

Using any preferred videoconferencing software – Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams – you and any other interested participants can be invited to a virtual magic show. Perfect for giving online meetings with friends and colleagues an extra fun spin. Unique and very interactive, this magician’s show has perfectly melded technology with extraordinary skills.

You’d think that the medium would limit Darren’s skills, but that’s not the case. He has managed to deliver classic and fresh tricks through recorded and live videos. Expect a range of entertaining misdirections involving cards, pen and paper, books, and other unassuming tools; not to mention unbelievable mind games.

Judging by the shining reviews and a strong background in live shows, Darren Delaney’s entertainment value is high and worth the consideration for social online fun in south London. It’s no surprise then that the success of such ventures has inspired other magicians to continue the new tradition and deliver their own magical expertise.

If you want to browse magicians for your online event, also take a look at the likes of Alan Hudson and Pete Heat, professionals who have already made a name for themselves. They would come with obvious credibility and mind-blowing flair.

Offline Activities Brought Online

It’s impressive how much can be done online in south London. It took time and some good examples for purely live events like magic shows to establish themselves in the digital world. Virtual experiences like Corey Taylor’s Forum or Against ‘Em concert and the Hamilton musical keep opening doors for unprecedented opportunities.

DIGITAL: Virtual technology can replicate live events

A great example of what virtual technology can provide is Verzuz TV, the brainchild of music producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. A series on Apple Music, Apple TV and Instagram recently paired Patti Labelle and Gladys Knight for three hours filled with the Soul singers’ favourite tracks.

Then you have stand-up comedians with their podcasts and even shows on Netflix and YouTube that anyone can stream and enjoy. Stars like Ricky Gervais, Dave Chappelle, and Sophie Duker can fill your evenings with laughter.

Finally, depending on what you want to play, gaming entertainment just awaits discovery. Even those looking for the best UK bingo sites can find an array of online providers like Mecca and Paddy Power with their services well-vetted for maximum entertainment.

Such niche games thriving online has shown a bright future for other hobbies normally found offline. Subsequently, companies like TechRadar setting up something as simple as themed virtual pub quizzes have been met with great interest.

Music, comedy, gaming, and other forms of entertainment have paved the way for extra unique additions to south Londoners’ online options. With magicians being added to the list, UK techies can truly get into a lot of fun. And what all these sectors demonstrate is how well offline services can continue to function in a digital environment.

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