Tips and tricks to make your bingo game more fun

Rewind a couple of decades and bingo was a game that only a certain age group would play in a local community hall or dedicated bingo venue frequented by few.

While bingo has been around for centuries, only recently has it begun to appeal to the masses using technology.

As the internet has become more widespread across the world, more and more people have been able to access and enjoy bingo games UK through online means.

People that once never dreamed of visiting a bingo venue are now getting involved in the game through online sites, including more men and young people.

But, why is this the case? It all comes down to the bingo fun factor.

Through advanced technologies, bingo has become more than just a traditional game, it’s become a way of socialising with likeminded people and feeling the thrill of winning the jackpot.

Below, we’ll take a look at how to enhance your online bingo experience.

Turn it into a bingo party

Playing with others is naturally a way to make bingo more sociable and fun, but why not invite people over for an at-home bingo party?

One of the great things about playing online is that you can play from the comfort of your own home, or in fact anywhere with a wi-fi connection.

Why not arrange a night of cocktails and ask everyone to bring their tablets over for a friendly (or competitive if that’s your thing) game of bingo.

To add to the fun, make the party a particular theme such as a festival evening in the garden, complete with neon body paint and glow sticks because why not!

Other great party themes include a patriotic red white and blue party, a movie themed party such as Harry Potter or Marvel, an 80’s themed party that’s complete with the music, or a laid back adult slumber party with the girls, complete with cucumber eye shades and face masks too.

Play different styles of bingo games

The traditional way of playing bingo is to play for a line and then a house, but why not change it up a little to add to the fun?

You could allocate prizes for players then fill a postage stamp (the top right four squares) of the card, the four corners, or a blackout which is all squares.

One of the great things about playing online is that there are lots of different varieties of bingo games on offer so you can choose one that suits you and the people you are playing with.

Be sure to check out the online bingo site and the variety of games on offer before committing and depositing any money.

Double the prizes

Enjoy a little heated competition? Why not ramp up the prizes by doubling what’s on offer?

For example, if you all usually put in a little money as the jackpot prize, why not double the amount you put in for one game to make it a little more heated.

If that’s too much, consider smaller prizes like a £5 gift card for Amazon or Uber Eats, some candy bars or a bottle of wine.

Introduce a forfeit

Add to the competition again by introducing a forfeit for the losers.

Alternatively, you could introduce a forfeit for anyone who doesn’t get the number that’s called out.

These forfeits could be as tame or daring as you choose.

Some ideas for forfeits include:

  • Shots if you want to add a drinking element to the evening
  • Sour candy
  • Revealing an embarrassing or silly thing that someone has done recently
  • Babysitting duties with the kids for the next bingo

Make the bingo more human

Rather than using numbers, why not switch them out for personal details about each other.

If you’re trying to bond with a new group of people, then this is a great way to get to know each other.

Try swapping the numbers for details like someone’s favourite colour, song or drink, a pet’s name or a dream destination some would like to go to.

If you already know the group pretty well, why not spice up the game a little by making the information a little more revealing or add a humorous element to the game.

Alternatively, you could make it more of a quiz where players must mark off the answer to a crossword style question or clue.

Overall, there’s nothing more exciting than having the freedom to modernise and spice up a game of bingo.

The great thing is that now you could get everyone involved, from the kids to the men or even the hard to please teenagers who we guarantee will see the appeal if some drinking forfeits or dares are involved.

Remember to make the games as tame or adventurous as you please and most of all, be sure to have fun.

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