Old Vic Theatre axes 4,000 miles performance

Timothée Chalamet is going to have to wait a little while longer to make his debut on the British stage as his show has been cancelled by The Old Vic theatre after two years of delays.

Chalamet, Hollywood’s rising star. was set to appear alongside Dame Eileen Atkins, the pair being cast as grandmother and grandson in the critically acclaimed play 4,000 Miles by Amy Herzog.

The play follows the grandson moving to the New York home of his grandmother, after suffering a major loss on a summer bike riding trip.

Chalamet is one of the hottest properties in Hollywood right now, and there are plenty of Brits who are disappointed not to be able to see the young starlet up close on stage.

This is not the only casualty in the world of theatre.

The announcement of the cancellation of 4,000 Miles came just days after it was announced that the West-End production of Cinderella (produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber) will close less than a year into its run.

The production was scheduled to debut in London back in April 2020, but the effects of the pandemic caused many theatres up and down the country to close their doors – including The Old Vic.

It seems that even though life is returning to some sort of normality, there isn’t a way to get the play back up and running again.

The Old Vic put out a statement: “Following the postponement of 4,000 Miles due to the pandemic, and despite an enormous amount of effort from all involved, we have now sadly and reluctantly concluded that we are unable to reschedule the production at a time possible for everyone involved.

“After two years of trying hard to make it work, it has proved impossible”.

No theatre ever wants to cancel a production, especially one as high-profile as this, but unfortunately the logistics of getting so many talented people to be available at the same time can be a major stumbling block in getting projects like this to the stage.

Chalamet himself has been recently involved in a number of projects – starring in three films scheduled to be released in 2023.

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Just as many fans are disappointed, The Old Vic itself is extremely disappointed that it’s had to cancel.

4,000 Miles was one of the top-selling shows that they ever scheduled, so losing out on the chance to gain so many fans is a big hit to the theatre.

Not only that, but The Old Vic is now obligated to return all of the collected ticket sales – losing such a significant amount of money overnight is a huge blow, especially after having to survive two years with no way of generating any income.

The theatre has come a long way from having the resources to host employability schemes for young workers, and we all hope it can get back there soon.

What if you’re more interested in the play itself rather than some young Hollywood actor playing the lead role, is there anywhere to watch it after this cancellation?

Unfortunately, it seems like this production was the only one scheduled to hit the stage, nowhere else in the world seems to be advertising a production of 4,000 Miles at this point in time.

Hopefully, there will be one theatre company that can pick up the mantle after this cancellation and give the fans the show they deserve.

While we’ve missed out on the opportunity to see Chalamet up close and personal on stage, here’s hoping that another theatre role on this side of the pond will catch his eye in the near future.

Featured image credit: Kwh1050 via Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 4.0 license

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