Could you live in a ghoul-infested London? 2.8 Hours Later challenges YOU to survive a zombie apocalypse

It’s a fight for survival, as 2.8 Hours Later are back in London for Halloween this year, bringing undead thrills to the horror holiday.

In a zombie-infested game of tag, you are the only hope for your survivor asylum and have to avoid getting infected at all costs.

In the end the reward is a party like one you’ve never seen, in a place where the living and the walking dead co-exist in harmony.

The Party at the End of the World.

2.8 Hours Later, the original zombie cross city zombie chase game, has become famous in the last few years after spawning a bunch of imitators.

Volunteers, trained by 2.8 Hours Later’s own Zombie School, will be taking part of the game as the living dead, chasing and infecting the survivors.

Once tagged, the players will be identified in Quarantine zones and if infected will have to join the zombie side for the party.

This year’s edition, titled Survival, is the first multi-linear storyline created by 2.8 Hours Later, as they aimed to give players more agency in the game.

The dystopian narrative draws from pop culture, with Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 film Children of Men and Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World cited as two major influences.

Political issues such as the NSA spying scandals and the Ukrainian Crisis will also help ground the game in reality and give it a timely feel.

The games will take place over the next three weekends, being played on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, for a total of nine dates.

The games will be spread out in secret locations all over London, with participants not knowing where until the week of the event.

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