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Music making the bingo beat

It’s that time of year when rumours of who’s going to be releasing a Christmas single are rife.

Many artists want that coveted spot, with songs that tug on the heartstrings or are a bit of fun, often competing against one another.

This year, there’s even a bingo caller joining in the fun.

Music and bingo have complemented one another for decades.

From bingo callers using traditional bingo rhymes to music in online bingo rooms, it’s a relationship that’s being constantly developed and refined.


Benj Maycock is a 30-year-old bingo caller who’s better known as BingooBenjy when he’s using the mic to call out bingo numbers.

He’s recently released a song called, “Bingo!” and hopes it’ll hit the Christmas number one spot.

BingooBenjy hasn’t always been a bingo caller. In fact, he was working as a local authority binman when he saw the advertisement for a show host and decided to tackle a chance and apply for the position.

As a bingo caller, he noticed the enjoyment players had when playing bingo and decided to write a song about it.

Drawing on skills gained from the same course studied by Ed Sheeran, BingooBenjy has toured with various artists, including James Arthur helped him with this.

So did his gospel singing background, so he got writing, and voilà! Bingo! was written.

Bingo and Music

Music and bingo have long gone hand-in-hand, with many online bingo games using music to heighten the experience.

With music being an important tool that can build suspense and emotion, sound designers know it should be used as a subtle feature to enhance the game and not be the main feature.

If it’s overbearing, it’ll distract the player from playing. Music is also handy to use during bingo breaks, players can sing along or take a break from sitting down.

In addition to musical scores or songs, sound effects are also used and are important aspects of the game.

They can act as prompts and inform players about what’s going to happen.

Sounds can vary according to the genre of the game, meaning players will never be bored by what they hear.

Voice-overs are also important.

OK, they’re not quite music, but involve bingo callers, like BingooBenjy, using bingo rhymes that correspond with numbers and are an integral part of the bingo game.

They’re fun and allow the players to also join in when they’re said.

Bingo rhymes prevent confusion between numbers that sound the same.

They can vary from region to region and country to country, so if you’re ever in a new place and fancy a game of bingo, listen to the bingo rhymes used by the bingo caller or voice-over.

Bingo and music go hand in hand, whether the rhyme of bingo numbers, music being played during games, or even the sound effects adding suspense and excitement to them.

Players loved to join in, whether it’s joining the bingo caller calling out a rhyme, or singing along to a song they know.

The fact is bingo and music are so intertwined that there are even bingo games that incorporate music into the actual game.

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