Why you should start watching Selling Sunset Season 4

Selling Sunset, is back with new faces, bigger mansions and driving all the drama is, yes you guessed it, the infamous Christine Quinn. Some things never change.

Like in previous seasons, Season 4 has us drooling over high-end house porn courtesy of Oppenheim Group Real Estate in Los Angeles, complimented by the personal dramas between the group’s ambitious and always immaculately dressed co-workers.

To kick off the new season, our self-proclaimed badass troublemaker Christine is having a baby, and if you thought the prospect of new life meant the group’s past quarrels would be left behind, you’d of course be wrong. Chrishell and Christine’s old feud ploughs on into the new season and you could cut the tension with a knife.

However, this season isn’t lacking in any fresh new drama; in episode one we hear exactly what went down between Chrishell and her newly wedded husband, and we are also introduced to newest cast member, Vanessa Villela, set to stir up the group’s dynamic just that bit more.

Venessa, 43, is an award-winning Mexican American actor and whist seeming genuinely nice, is certainly no push over. Already the steaks are hotting up and we are left wondering who she’ll ally with…Christine or Chrishell, that is the question.

As ever this season is set to be a glamorous, dramatic, and thoroughly entertaining bit of escapism. 

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