New version Beauty and the Beast welcomed to Rose Theatre

A new version of the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast has been brought to Rose Theatre in Kingston.

The contemporary version of the children’s favourite fairytale embraces feelings of nostalgia and magic with its storytelling adaptation.

Narrated clearly by the eldest brother Florian, it’s unlikely that you won’t follow the clever twist that tells the dream-like tale.

THREE SIBLINGS: The eldest brother narrated the story to his younger siblings. Photo Credits: The Other Richard

Postponed due to COVID-19, Artistic Director Christopher Haydon said: “It’s been a long time in the making.”

The team seemed blessed to be back with smiling faces which radiated through their energetic performance.

The chemistry between every performer engages the audience, compelling them to want to help find the cure for Bella’s sick father.

The set changes are incorporated into the script – so discreet and effortless that they may go unnoticed by the audience.

Made up from a three-tiered stage, the space of the theatre is maximised and brought to life by the surround sound speakers that immerse you into the story.

The sound setup allows the vocals to illuminate the atmosphere but also has the ability to adapt into an eerie, distant monologue to taunt Bella through her memory flashbacks.

The show is made up from a diverse cast that includes young people who carry their role professionally and honestly.

It is hard to ignore the genuine enjoyment of every cast member on the stage which is contagious and felt by the audience.

ENJOYMENT: The performers harmonise together during energetic production. Photo Credits: The Other Richard

The costumes, put together by Peter Todd, capture the essence of every character from head to toe.

Felice wears a camouflage inspired outfit that reflects her nature-guarding personality while Bella is fitted in a dress paired with a funky coat and converse.

The vibe is relaxed, as if everyone on the stage is having fun.

This being said, it doesn’t lack professionalism and is clearly well directed as the cast show great competence and talent.

It has themes of Christmas, hence its timely release and with the warm lighting throughout the scenes, it indulges you with the feeling of togetherness. 

As the cast sing in harmony, the lyrical and musical direction of the songs created by Eamonn O’Dwyer is admirable.

While the theatre fills with families and is child-appropriate, it does have humorous innuendos which make it enjoyable for every age group in the room.

The script structure allows room for laughter as certain lines carry great satire and hilarity.

In the final scene, the set design is perfected with glistens of snow and is complemented by melodies from the beloved characters singing.

If you want to watch a performance that makes you feel vibrant and connected this Christmas, this rendition is it.

If you want to get involved, they run a youth theatre that encourages young people aged 5-25 years to participate in drama and explore their creative talents.

For more information and to book tickets visit: https://www.rosetheatre.org/whats-on/beauty-and-the-beast

All Photo Credits: The Other Richard

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