Experiencing Van Gogh through a new immersive exhibition

The Van Gogh immersive exhibition opened in Shoreditch in July and offers a glimpse into the world of the famous painter and his iconic paintings.

Based in an old brewery, the 20,000 square foot space has been transformed into distinguishable areas for visitors to not only learn more about the painter and his artworks but to also experience them as never before.

Visitors will have the ability to virtually walk with the painter through his eyes in VR showing the settings and places where some of his most famous pieces were created.

After taking in the history and background, and walking in the steps of Van Gogh himself, visitors will then step into the paintings themselves in the main hall where beautiful projections are elegantly displayed for everyone to enjoy.

SW Londoner attended an exclusive viewing of the Van Gogh immersive exhibition to see what it was all about.

SWL went along to the Van Gogh interactive experience to see what it was all about

For more information or to purchase tickets go to their website.

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