Legendary DJ Roger Sanchez expecting high energy levels on return to SW4 festival at Clapham Common

As the heatwave that has scorched London for the past month finally begins to subside, one person that wasn’t quite ready for it was legendary DJ Roger Sanchez.

On a fleeting stop-off in London a few weeks before his set at the SW4 festival later this month, the New York DJ powerhouse said the heat made the city he calls his second home resemble another of his favourites, Ibiza.

Sanchez will be playing alongside the Mambo Brothers, back-to-back (B2B), on the indoor main stage at the event in Clapham Common that is celebrating its 17th year.

“I’ve spent so much time there from the 90s to now, and it’s definitely not what I expected,” said Sanchez of the soaring temperatures.

“London is one of the most amazing places to be when the sun is shining.

“But I fell in love with the creative vibe of the city long ago because it reminded me of New York.”

Having played SW4 before he knows what to expect from the London crowd, which makes him put the capital nearer the top of places to play a set, not bad considering his passport has racked up more stamps than a post office.

“I love that they are very knowledgeable, they are very aware musically of what is happening, of the history, of the present, so I love the fact they really respond to music they enjoy, and they really get engaged in the event,” he said.

“They have high expectations, but they are also very accepting and give off a lot of energy, so that’s the thing I’m looking forward to most.

“The energy levels when I’ve played SW4 before have always been amazing.”

Promising to bring energy, vocals, and Latin flavour to the common, he said he will be presenting his set in a different way to what the fans are used to, although there will be no way of getting away from him dropping some of his classics.

‘Another Chance’ anyone?

On playing with the Mambo Brothers, he said: “I’ve seen them literally grow up from boys in Ibiza in the 90s.

“They’re such a big part of the Ibiza scene, and I’ve seen them grow as artists so I’m proud of them.

“They’ve got to a place musically where they know everything that is going on, and they are great fun to play and work with.”

Sanchez is seen as a hero to the Mambo Brothers, and that’s no surprise given that he has been at the forefront of house music to nearly 30 years, and still a pioneer in the genre.

He puts it down to his love of music and being a fan of the art, which enables him to constantly re-invent himself.

“I think more than anything, when people stop paying attention to the music, get caught up in the money, position, or fame, that’s when they become irrelevant,” he added.

“I’m blessed and very fortunate to do what I do, I am a lover of music, which keeps me engaged and allows me to constantly push what I do forward.”

It’s this love of music that will lead to find Sanchez ‘crate digging,’ looking for untapped vinyl, when he visits to London.

Or, if the heatwave returns, you’re more likely to catch him checking out the parks if he’s not performing.

Roger Sanchez’ latest record, ‘Walkin’ is out now, and he plays SW4 on Sunday August 26, which is sold out. You can still buy tickets for Saturday 25th which sees the likes of marshmello, Dizzee Rascal, Armin Van Buuren and Sigma play www.southwestfour.com.

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