Mind-reading show proves a hit at Wandsworth Arts Fringe

One of the clear aims of Wandsworth Art Fringe is to showcase under-appreciated talent, and it has done just that with the star of interactive mind-reading show Decisions, Decisions… 

Held at Putney Arches on Saturday, it is as any good magic show should be, aided by a totally bewitching performance from Chris Wall.

Each ‘trick’ was a fresh spin on a recognisable magic trope, accompanied with the obligatory whispers of “How did he know that?” from audience members.

The feeling of really not understanding is what makes this put a smile on your face.

It had all the professionalism of a Derren Brown show, but there was also a flare of originality that leaves you questioning your own day-to-day decisions.

Although Chris has been working as an illusionist part-time at events like weddings, this is his first full show.

Working in the charitable sector full time, it has taken a while for him to get to this point.

He said: “I’ve been working on the show for the last few years but this was the first time I’ve taken it public.

“The people of Wandsworth were a really amazing audience and the show was really enjoyable for me as I hope it was for them.

“In the future I’d love the opportunity to take the show to Edinburgh Fringe or one of the fringes in Australia and once the show on Wednesday is done I’ll be looking into what’s next.”

“Looks like I’ve got my own decisions to make.”

Chris’ friendly, relaxed performance style and a good dose of audience interaction almost makes it feel like he’s not working at all, and therefore makes it all the more surprising when he catches you off your guard with some extraordinary reveal.

He has a way with the audience which puts them at ease, like he’s your friend not a showman.

The small, cosy room underneath the arches by the river makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the action.

It was less like watching a show, rather more like taking part in one.

The only thing I was left wanting for was for it to go on longer.


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