Review: aliensdontringdoorbells at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls

I must admit that I did a double take when I first heard the name aliensdontringdoorbells (ADRD), as I’m sure many others have before me.

It’s certainly an original name for a band, and to its credit, not one I’ll easily forget. 

The unique name reflects a unique band with roots in the Bahamas, Spain, the US and England.

Having three songwriters who grew up in different places across different decades results in an eclectic mix of songs on the pop/rock spectrum.

Each song played on Tuesday night was better than the last.

Above all else, their enthusiasm was infectious – Earl Forbes, on bass, particularly made my night.

Rarely have I seen someone become so immersed in their music, and yet somehow he managed to get more and more into his groove as the set went on.

It didn’t take long before the crowd, encouraged by lead singer Adam King, warmed up and followed Earl’s lead.

By the second song Daylight, everyone had their hands in the air and by song six, Story, the room was lit up by everyone’s mobile phone torches.

Being my first concert post-Covid, I had almost forgotten the immersive feeling of a group of people waving their torches in time to live music. 

Like any good song with a catchy chorus, you could go in having never heard an ADRD song before (like me) and soon be singing along like you’d heard it a hundred times. 

FAIRFIELD HALLS: aliensdontringdoorbells performed their final show of the tour at the Croydon concert venue.

The band, supporting English Indie pop band Scouting for Girls, played to a large crowd at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls, marking the final night of their 26-gig tour in style.

Following the set, King thanked Croydon for the brilliant reception, saying that they couldn’t have wished for more as a new band. 

The two bands complimented each other fantastically and ADRD did a great job of hyping up the audience before the long-awaited She’s So Lovely hitmakers took to the stage. 

Whilst Scouting For Girls still have a number of shows on their UK and Ireland tour, future concert-goers will not get the opportunity to see ADRD, who are headed home for a well-deserved rest before they head to Colorado in February to finish up their second album.

You can listen to the songs from ADRD’s debut album, Arrival, on Spotify.

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