Wimbledon writer celebrates anniversary with free children’s book

This year, Wimbledon based writer David Wood OBE and illustrator Richard Fowler are celebrating the anniversaries of their timeless and beloved pop-through-the-slot children’s books, Mole’s Bedtime Story and Funny Bunny’s Magic Show.

To honour the books respective 25th and 20th birthdays, customers who purchase a copy of either book will receive a free copy of the pop-through-the-slot book, Scary Mary.

The books must be purchased through Wood, himself, on Amazon to qualify for the complimentary copy.

A special Christmas present for little ones, the books allow the reader to move a cut-out character through the slots in the page to follow the narrative as they read it.

The books also help develop hand-eye coordination in a fun way.

Wood met Fowler when the two were working on a children’s TV show, where Fowler was the graphics artist.

Since then, they have produced over 20 books together aimed at young children.

Two of the books, however, have sparked more interest than the others and are often passed down through generations of families.

Wood said; “It’s lovely to be a part of families’ lives. The thing about them is that they are novelty books.’

As a children’s book author, Wood believes it is very important for young children to learn to enjoy reading.

He explained: “Books can be instruments of pleasure, not instruments of torture.”

The children’s author also does a lot of school visits to do book readings. This is something Wood believes is important to develop an interest for young children and on all of his books is the phrase ‘Books are fun!’

When doing the school visits, Wood discovered lots of children do not have access to books.

He added: “Stories are an incredible part of peoples lives, even if they are not reading books.

“Books should be entertaining and enjoyable not just educational.”

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