Relax in London with four activities mobile technology has improved

Life in London can be a blast. Pubs, clubs and events at every corner. Bubbling tourists and locals mingled together in the landmark city. Sometimes, though, it can all be overwhelming and the only thing you want to do is lie back for some peace and quiet.

Whether at home or in a café, mobile technology has created your compact solution for everything, including keeping you entertained without having to move a muscle. Big names of the entertainment industry have helped in improving the experience. Explore the selection of games and apps below to be enjoyed on your next me-time.


It may not be the quietest activity, but even whistling your favourite tune can be a great way to relieve stress and enjoy the moment. Better yet, why not have some real singing fun with the karaoke app Smule? Rock out solo or with friends from around the world. You could even have a singing contest with Ed Sheeran, Paloma Faith or Disney’s Ariel. It’s your time to relax and shine. Sit in the sun with a refreshing drink, put your feet up and some headphones on, and show the world what you can do.


The range of games on the App Store and Google Play need no introductions. Binge on Candy Crush, Adventure Escape or greater experiences like Reigns: Game of Thrones and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. For extra excitement, test your luck and wits on Paddy Power Deal or no Deal. Endemol provides the 26 boxes and wily banker, while you make the hard choices to outsmart him and come out on top. Since it all happens on your phone, there’s no pressure from an audience, but there’s also no Noel Edmonds.


The art world has not been idle while technology evolved around it. In the past couple of years, artists, galleries and museums have made good use of digital tools. The Google Arts & Culture app introduced a fun new feature in 2018 where facial-recognition and AI software will match your face to that of an artwork’s. In addition to that, you can take virtual tours of the greatest museums – the National Gallery of London and Tate Modern, the Louvre and Dali Museum. Wherever you are, mobile technology can immerse you in the historical beauty of our world.


Times of leisure can also be about creating things that you love. Technology can help with that too. If you like to paint, Procreate Pocket is here to serve your every artistic need with 135 brushes and a plethora of other expert features. For a bit more of a casual laugh, try Just a Line, an AR app that lets you doodle over your environment. Record your masterpiece and share with #justaline. Inspiration is known to sneak up on you, especially when your senses are relaxed and free. So having some handy drawing tools in the palm of your hand can be an artistic life-saver.

Source: Pixabay

These are only four areas mobile technology has already provided for to an amazing level. Whatever your hobby or momentary interest during your time away from busy London life, there is right software for you waiting to be discovered.

Feature image source: Needpix

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