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  1. Nette Robinson
    May 31, 2015 @ 11:22 am

    I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear that Reverend Stockford disbelieves climate change is being exacerbated by humans. I beg to differ. The science is very clear. Whilst our planet’s climate has indeed gone through many changes during its current existence, the rate of change has been scientifically proven to have increased dramatically due to human intervention. We are at a critical time now. If we continue to develop industrially and to destroy the natural world, we will be facing catastrophic and irreversible consequences. There are many communities and parts of the world already suffering from the effects of a changing climate. One only has to read the reports and see the terrifying consequences of increased use of fossil fuels with inhabitants of entire cities and regions living in a fog and dying prematurely from the horrendous air pollution, to know that something is very wrong. And it is not the fault of the planet.

    To state that “the climate has always changed”, thus implying that humans are not having this negative effect on the planet is irresponsible and dangerous. Irresponsible because it let’s us off the hook: The planet’s climate changes; therefore it isn’t our responsibility. Very worrying given that from a Christian perspective, my understanding is that humans are supposed to be stewards of this world and are to care for and take responsibility for the wellbeing of all life. Dangerous because that kind of talk is motivated by money. Those industries which have a negative impact on this planet do not want to shoot themselves in the foot and diminish their own productivity and profits. Sadly, whether we like it or not, humans are causing grave damage to the planet and its climate. And no amount of burying heads in the sand and declaring that the planet has always changed throughout its history, because either we don’t wish to bear the responsibility or want to diminish profits and growth, would prevent our planet from being destroyed beyond redemption.