The Regifted Podcast

The Regifted Podcast, with Georgie McCartney, Imogen Willis, Louise Rasmussen and Richard Wheatley, tries to guide you through the pitfalls and joys of gifting and regifting. 

Finding out what gift to give someone can be difficult. What does that person like? Should you regift something? Would they appreciate receiving an experience maybe?

We speak to Dr Jackie Clarke, Reader in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing at Oxford Brookes Business School, about why humans give gifts across different societies in the first place, and hear about why experience gifts have become so popular over the past years.

And of course, the Regifted team share our own wonderful, disappointing, quirky, and memorable experiences with gifting and regifting.

Featured image credit: Marco Verch via Flickr under CC BY 2.0 license