Should we believe the news – journalism in the digital age

Welcome to the “Should we believe the news” podcast.
Journalists are in the fourth-least trusted profession in Britain, a yearly survey has found.
Almost two-thirds of people asked said they don’t trust journalists to tell the truth, according to the Ipsos MORI Veracity Index’s December 2021 edition.
Despite trust in journalism recording a rise from 2020 levels, the only professions ranked lower are government ministers, politicians in general and advertising executives.
So why are journalists deemed so untrustworthy? Do the internet and social media have something to do with it? And how does this affect journalists themselves?
Trainee reporters Iwan, James, Matthew and Marina are joined by former managing editor of the Sun Graham Dudman and news literacy project NewsWise’s Sorcha Hughes to discuss distrust, disinformation and the news media.
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