Jazz musician William Algar

Man found not guilty of brutal murder of Barnes jazz musician but convicted of separate killing

A teenager was found not guilty of murdering a talented jazz musician, who was dismembered in Barnes in December 2019, but was convicted of a second separate killing.

William Algar, 53, known to family and friends as Blaise, was found in his home in Barnes wrapped in a sheet with his arms and legs removed, just days before drug dealer Ebrima Cham, 35 was murdered in Hounslow.

Emeka Dawuda-Wodu was convicted of Cham’s murder following an 11-week trial at the Old Bailey, but was cleared when it came to murdering Algar.

Dawuda-Wodu, 19, also pled guilty to perverting the course of justice in the Algar case.

Algar’s head and torso was found on 3 January, containing 20 stab wounds, before his arms and legs were later found dumped on Hounslow Heath.

Two other men, Simon Emmons, 40, from Barnes and Zimele Dube, 33, of Wembley were also found guilty of murdering Cham.

Emmons, Jayano Lucima, 19 of Hounslow and Marc Harding, 45 of The Drive, Isleworth were all convicted of perverting the course of justice with regards to the Algar case. with Harding pleading guilty before the trial.

Detective Chief Inspector Vicky Tunstall said: “I would personally like to thank all those witnesses who gave evidence about the murders and subsequent confessions.

“They knew how violent this gang were and the defendant’s readiness to use the most extreme violence. Despite this, these witnesses still had the courage to come forward and tell the court what had happened.

“Some of the witnesses were drug takers, but they attended court and gave evidence. Justice often depends on the bravery of such people and I applaud their actions.”

The defendants were remanded into custody and will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on 23 July.

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